45 – Building Relationships as an Introvert [Actuarial Business Skills]

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This Episode’s Roadmap

The other day, I was talking to two friends who recently changed careers to become actuaries. We were discussing how they actually got their jobs (one full time and the other internship) though they did not start down the actuarial path right after undergrad.

The answer was the same for both of them – building relationships from informational conversations.

That’s really great news if you’re a person who is comfortable engaging strangers. But what if you’re not one of those people. How can you still build great relationships, especially at in-person events like career fairs or the IABA annual meeting (https://www.actuarialjourney.com/iaba15)

Today’s episode dives into that question for all of you Journeys.

Let’s do this!

45 - Building Relationships as an Introvert [Actuarial Business Skills]

Destination of Today’s Journey

After this episode, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify three techniques to building relationships as an introverted person
  • Apply one of three techniques at your next career fair

Compass: Guiding Quote for Success

“Networking is not working – Derek Coburn, Online Entrepreneur”

Milestones: Highlights of the session

  • Actuarial Journey’s identification of introversion and extroversion hinges on where you get your energy from.
  • Extroverts -> Energized by being with people , Introverts -> Energized through time with self.
  • NOTE: Extroverts can be quiet and Introverts can lead movements and be public speakers – this isn’t about being shy. Don’t accidentally limit yourself or others based on a false viewpoint.
  • The STRATEGIES to building relationships as an introvert are the same as if you are an extrovert – it’s just the TACTICS that may differ.
  • 3 Strategies to Building Relationships as an Introvert
    • Be Authentic
    • Be Prepared
    • Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up
  • Listen to the episode for a deeper dive into the categorization of intro/extroversion and each of the 3 strategies.

Toolkit: Useful Resources

  • IABA Annual Meeting – The International Association of Black Actuaries host an Annual Meeting for aspiring and credentialed actuaries. This year’s is in Miami from Aug 7 – 8. Click the link for additional details
  • Actuarial Journey Interview with Kate Weaver – Kate is the Executive Director of IABA and was gracious enough to share her journey, insight on project/volunteer management and the IABA Annual Meeting with Journeyers.

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