Benefits of Building Relationships in Action (Aman Jetha)

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Looking to understand how building relationships looks like in action? Aman Jetha shares how building relationships has helped lead in to success in today’s interviews.

Aman Jetha is an actuarial “boomerang”. His path includes roles in benefits consulting, music performance, teaching, and finance. Having gotten all of that out of his system, Aman is part of a rotating actuarial student program at a health insurer.


46: Benefits of Building Relationships in Action  (Aman Jetha)[/one_third_last]

Guiding Quote to Success

At the end of the day, this job isn’t about the math, it’s about getting things done. – Mentor in Aman’s Life

First Step of the Journey

Aman’s Actuarial Journey did not start off as one might expect. It took him over several career paths and an ocean, but he found success as an actuary in the long run.
Listen in to hear the steps he took to start (and then return to) his actuarial journey and how building relationships played a pivotal role.

Roadblock on the Journey

Aman shares his struggle with some necessary but painful moves related to his graduate program. What he did to overcome this and how he utilized the power of relationships is a story every Journeyer can learn from.

Today’s Theme: Building Relationships in Action

Today Aman Shares:

Useful Resources For Actuarial Toolkit

Making the Connection

Want to get in touch with Aman? Reach out to him through LinkedIn.

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The Journey Continues- What was your biggest takeaway from this episode

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