58: Accountability Check-in – Are you taking action on what you’re learning?

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This Episode’s Roadmap



This episode focuses on the ACCOUNTABILITY portion of Actuarial Journey’s mission of providing Guidance, Support, and Accountability to aspiring actuaries.

My question for you: Are you putting what you’re learning here into action? Find out how you act on more of what you learn during today’s episode.

Take Action!

We’re hosting a LIVE WEBINAR on Monday Nov. 2nd and later dates specifically to help you start taking action on what you’ve learned at Actuarial Journey!

Sign up at https://www.actuarialjourney.com/webinar to get details about this and upcoming webinars.

Common Themes from Trailblazer Success

  • Start with the End in Mind – Pick a date for the exam and work backwards
  • Create a Personalized Study Roadmap – This is easily one of the best things you can do to accomplish a better work/life balance.
  • Study in the way that best suits you– Choose your materials carefully and make sure it’s resonates with you. If you
  • Track your progress – Trailblazers know exactly how they are doing in their studying – ahead/behind; what scores they are trending at etc.
  • Hold yourself accountable – They set SMART goals for studying detailing how much time they plan to study, what scores they want to acheive, what chapters they want to complete, and they communicate them. and report back
  • Don’t treat Studying while in school the same way as studying while working – Completely different beast. L

Take a listen to the episode to find out more about each of these as well as important questions you should be asking as you continue on your actuarial journey.

We’re starting the Actuarial Journey Book Club and the first book is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Get started on it now, and we’ll have a book club follow-up in mid-November!



56: Must-Read Book Recommendations for Aspiring Actuaries[/one_third_last]

Destination of Today’s Journey

After this episode, you’ll be able to:

Want more help with your journey?

  1. Create a study plan you’ll actually stick to!: This free video series will show you the step-by-step process to create you own Personalized Study Roadmap and design your Study Lifestyle
  2. Actuarial Job Course: a completely free full-length course with videos, worksheets, tools, and community all geared to help your get your entry-level actuarial job and start your actuarial career.
  3. Actuarial Journey Podcast: Get more insights and lessons learned 4 days a week sent directly to your phone!
  4. Actuarial Community: Feeling alone on your journey? Become a part of the Actuarial Journey Community!
  5. Time-Saving Exam Smartcuts Guide: Free downloadable guide sharing exam strategies that are not only focused on shaving off study hours, but saving you months and years of studying all together
The Journey Continues – What was your biggest takeaway from this episode

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