Making an Impact Internationally as an Actuary  (Stephen Camilli, FSA, Actex)

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Stephen Camilli, FSA, is the President of ACTEX Learning where he has worked since September 2013. He has taught mathematics at both the high school and university level.

He has served as Director of International Risk for UNUM, working in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Tokyo and has experience in pension consulting with Hewitt Associates.

He co-founded a network of food banks in Argentina, is fluent in Spanish, and has worked as a translator, interpreter and literary agent. He has a Sc.B. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University.


61: Making an Impact Internationally as an Actuary (Stephen Camilli, FSA, Actex)

Today’s Theme: Making an Impact Internationally as an Actuary

During the conversation, Stephen shares his story and lessons learned on the following:

  • How benfecial it is to find the joy in every moment (even while studying!)
  • How you can explore actuarial opportunities in international markets
  • How all the various experiences in your life can build upon themselves to help you
  • How building meaningful relationships can bolster your career
  • How Stephen and his team introduced long-term disability insurance to Argentina
  • How you can take advantage of the continued professional development and technical training offered by ACTEX Learning

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    3. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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