Bloom where you are planted (Nitya Shekar, Learning and Development Expert and Co-active Coach)

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Nitya Shekar works in Learning & Development at AppNexus, designing and facilitating programs focused on “smart skills,” including emotional intelligence, team effectiveness, good management, and personal and professional growth.

She is also a Co-Active coach currently getting her certification through the Coaches Training Institute. Originally from Houston, TX and now based in New York, NY, her background is in Psychology (Rice ’07) and Law (Harvard ’10).

Nitya is passionate about the mind sciences and hopes to branch into neuroleadership and other brain-based human capital work. Her other interests include improv and travel.


Bloom where you are planted (Nitya Shekar, Learning and Development Expert and Co-active Coach)

Today’s Theme: Bloom where you are planted

During the conversation, Nitya shares her story and lessons learned on the following:

  • How the mantra of “blooming where you are planted” has moved her forward and can help each of you in your actuarial journey.
  • The difference between a “mentor” and a “coach”
  • The co-active coaching method and how that framework can help aspiring actuaries achieve success
  • How coaching can benefit people and how journeyers can get involved themselves.

Today’s Resources

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