Adding a Personal Touch To Your Exam Prep -Pt. 1 (Howard Heller and Dr. Geoff Apel – Actuary Exam

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You’re in for a treat Journeyers. Over the next 2 episodes, you’d get an inside look into the journey of two people offering help to aspiring actuaries – Howard Heller, President of Actuary Exam and Dr. Geoff Apel, a key instructor there.

Howard Heller is the founder and president of He has worked professionally in student actuarial programs at Buck Consultants and Home Life Assurance Company.

Mr. Heller experienced first hand the tremendous difficulty of finding competent actuarial instructors to provide quality personalized instruction in preparing for the preliminary examinations.

Dr. Geoff Apel has been teaching a full range of mathematics courses, both graduate and undergraduate, at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois since 2003.

During his tenure there, he helped develop their Actuarial Science Program. He specializes in providing instruction for the P/1, FM/2, and MFE/3F exams.


Adding a Personal Touch To Your Exam Prep -Pt. 1 (Howard Heller and Dr. Geoff Apel - Actuary Exam[/one_third_last]

Guiding Quote to Success

“Hard work and Dedication are the two things that separate the people who are successful from those who are not.” – Howard Heller

“Do the best that you can (because honestly you can only do what you can do)! – Dr. Geoff Apel

Hear them both expound on these two meaningful mantras and how you can apply it to your journey.

First Step of the Journey

Howard started his journey at New York University and had always considered himself good at math.

However, even with all of the resources that were available in NYC, he knows what it’s like to pass and fail exams and feel isolated while studying.

Now he dedicates himself to providing an even playing field through for people to receive help for their actuarial exams regardless of their location.

Dr. Apel’s actuarial journey began when he put together a brand-new actuarial program for his college students.

In order to build an effective program, he took the exams himself and understands the position aspiring actuaries are in.

Listen as Howard and Dr. Apel share how you can learn from your past mistakes and failures to help you catapult to success on your journey!

Roadblock on the Journey

Finding qualified instructors who can teach and connect with students is not as easy as it may seem!

Howard explains the challenge in getting the best possible instructors and gaining the confidence of the actuarial community.

In doing so, he lays out what makes truly a unique way to prepare for actuarial exams.

Greatest Professional Success

Have you ever failed an exam and had to retake it? Once? Twice?

Well Howard and Dr. Apel share an amazing story about how they helped a student who had failed the same exam multiple times turn things around and jumpstart the rest of his actuarial career.

Listen to hear how learning from your mistakes comes to life!

Most Excited About Now

With Actuary Exam’s approach they really get to add a personal touch to their student’s exam preparation.

They get a chance not only to help them learn how to study for the exam, but they also get to know their student’s personality.

This helps them customize their teaching specifically for that individual.

Today’s Theme: Getting from Memorization to Application in order to pass exams

Dr. Apel and Howard share some the 3 key phases of every exam taker’s journey:

It’s this 3rd phases where that the exams really test, and it’s often the stage exam takers run into the most difficulty.

To help Journeyers overcome their roadblocks at this stage, Dr. Apel and Howard suggested approaches to help you:

What they’ve found is that that last phase of application takes on a personal nature because every person has a different background and different approach to learning and understanding the material. This is why live tutoring for aspiring actuaries is at the core of their offerings. holds 2-day live online review courses for Exam P/1 and FM/2 in alternating months.

Exclusive Opportunity for Journeyers

If getting more personalized help with your exam would be useful, you can actually sign up for their upcoming FM/2 Exam Review Online 2-Day Class on April 11-12th, led by Dr. Apel himself.

On top of it, they’re so interested in helping Journeyers succeed that they are offering a 10% discount to any Journeyer who signs up for the April 11-12 FM/2 seminar through their website.

To find our more and get this special offer, exclusive to Journeyers, follow these steps:

Work/Life Balance

Running everyday and Spending time with family.

Useful Resources For Actuarial Toolkit
Making the Connection

Want to get in touch with Howard and Dr. Apel?

Reach out to them through the the Actuary Exam website! Feel free to also contact them directly via email: Howard: ( | Dr. Apel (

Want more help with your journey?
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