Embarking on a Journey of Success

I remember our first coaching session vividly, mainly because it was so clear to me how much she wanted to become an actuary. To her, it wasn’t just about passing exams or getting her foot in the door working as an actuary. For her, her entire future was through the path of an actuary with benefits in her professional life and joys in her personal life so strong yet so ambitious that to might seem embarrassing to say out loud.

It was clear she was at a major crossroads in her actuarial journey. Having found out about the actuarial career after college, she was working hard to make a life-changing transition to get her start in a career that she strongly felt was the perfect fit for her.

Encountering Roadblocks and Facing Challenges along the way

But Fati faced a few challenges:

  • She had taken exam 1/P multiple times without passing
  • She was the only person she knew who was interested in becoming an actuary, and as such, needed to learn how to study on her own and how to navigate each step along the career she was passionate about without any help
  • The information she was able to find about the profession and exams weren’t able to provide her with specific steps on what she, Fati, needed to do next
  • The people in her existing network weren’t able to give her feedback on how she was approaching her studying

But probably the most challenging thing of all was the growing doubt building on whether she would actually be able to pursue her dreams of becoming an actuary.

Doubts like: Was she capable of passing exams? Was it worth the time and money she was spending to pass exams? Was her family right to question whether she was really cut out to be an actuary? 

And then there were the more tangible challenges like hoping to study after work but not getting around to it, and feeling a lack of confidence on the actual test day.

Conquering her Challenges and Claiming her Treasure

So there we were, at another crossroad in her journey as we were both evaluating whether personalized coaching and accountability with Actuarial Journey was the right step for her at the current time.

When she said yes to join the special small group coaching program we were creating, she embarked on a new adventure – one with personalized guidance, accountability, and accelerated results as the key milestones.

Over the past few years of working with Actuarial Journey with this small group, Fati has gone from not having any exams passed to passing 2 exams in the same year (with an 8 or higher). She’s discovered a study approach that consistently works for her, and knows both the triggers of when she’s veering off course as well as how to course-correct towards her ultimate aim quickly. She’s extended these benefits into her job search, utilizing the coaching and accountability framework provided in the small group program to identify her secret weapon when it comes to getting actuarial job interviews and what differentiates her from other actuarial candidates.

And that’s what I personally consider to be the most successful part of that small group program – the relationships built, the personalized attention given, the challenges taken, the personal commitment required, the feedback received, and the action steps implemented don’t just result in a one-time win. Instead they continue to build upon themselves to allow you to accomplish the same results and better with less work and time.

Your Personalized Journey Awaits

Fati, that small group, and I still meet after several years on a regular basis to continue to overcome roadblocks and reduce the time to reach goal and milestone on her professional journey.

How would YOUR actuarial journey benefit from accelerating the results you are deeply desire for your career and life?

How would the lives of your family and those around you benefit from you utilizing a proven framework of personalized action plans and consistent accountability as you work towards your next credential, your next job, or your next promotion?

How would you like to get more time back for the things that matter to you most while still progressing in your career?

Your Personal Invitation

Because of the success the members of this group, aka Trailblazers as well as their personal recommendations to offer this type of program to truly committed aspiring actuaries, I’d like to invite you to join us as a member of this proven program:

Consider this your personal invitation to the new and improved Actuarial Success Journey Program.

How the Actuarial Success Journey Program works

Based on the success of the current program as well as feedback from aspiring actuaries on what they need most to help them continuously make progress along their actuarial journey, the Actuarial Success Journey Program is focused on 3 things

  • Accelerating Your Professional and Personal Success
  • Personalizing Action Steps for what will work for YOU, your goals, your background/experiences and your strengths and ultimately
  • Providing a reliable framework of Accountability supported by consistency, feedback, trust, respect, and a group of others who are actively working to see you be successful

Here’s What You’ll Receive as a Member of this Program*

  • Small Group of 5-7 people
  • Bi-weekly Small Group Accountability Sessions
  • Monthly Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly All Member Q&A Sessions
  • Private Actuarial Success Journey Discussion Area

*Baseline Program – each program is customized and personalized to the individual

Want to find out more about 1-on-1 Coaching or Group Accountability Coaching? Click the links below for a message from Nemo
Learn about 1-on-1 Coaching | Learn more about Group Accountability Coaching

How to Join

One piece of consistent feedback current members expressed has led to their ongoing success is the high degree of commitment each member has regular attendance and participation within the program.

As such, the minimum initial commitment for this program is 3 months.

Pricing varies as this program is customized and personalized to the individual, their needs, and length of program.

Given how much personalized attention is provided as well as the small group dynamics, membership is extended by invitation, referral, and application only. Additionally, as we’ll be working closely together,

To request an invitation, please schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 session of powerful coaching where we will:

  1. Explore you short and long term goals for your career as an actuary and
  2. Develop a custom roadmap personalized to accomplish those goals what works best for you
  3. Establish next steps that you can implement immediately to begin accelerating results for your career

If, after this session, we both feel it would be mutually beneficial to continue coaching, an invitation to the program will be extended.

Any Questions? Send a brief email to nemo@actuarialjourney.com or sign up for a 1-on-1 session where we can discuss live.