Building Relationships and Networks through Actuarial Clubs (Mitch Baidinger – Actuarial Club of Indianapolis)

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Wondering how to become an actuary? Mitch Baidinger breaks down the barriers by sharing how being proactive and building a network of actuaries cleared the way for him start his journey as an actuary.

Mitch Baidinger graduated from Indiana University in 2009 with a B.A. in Mathematics. He has been working for CNO Financial Group for a little over 5 years and served in several different actuarial roles including Life & Annuity valuation, Health Valuation and more recently Asset Liability Management. He lives with his wife on the northeast side of Indianapolis.


Building Relationships and Networks through Actuarial Clubs (Mitch Baidinger – Actuarial Club of Indianapolis)[/one_third_last]

Guiding Quote to Success

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm – Winston Churchill

First Step of the Journey
Mitch started his journey going to college as a secondary education major. Until his Junior year, he had never even heard of what an actuary was! But once he did, he couldn’t shake the idea of mixing math and business.
Listen in to hear the steps he took to close the gaps to get an entry-level actuarial job out of college.
Roadblock on the Journey
Mitch shares his struggle with the learning curve of actuarial work as he began working. His suggestions on how to overcome them are things every aspiring actuary who is looking to do well at work can implement.
Greatest Professional Success
Mitch was able to own the implementation of a new product on the valuation software at work.
Most Excited About Now
Actuaries are getting more involved with investments and partnering with more parts of the business.
Today’s Theme: Getting involved with Local Actuarial Clubs and Organization

Key Questions Addressed:

Work/Life Balance
Surrounding himself with supportive people (like his wife!)
Useful Resources For Actuarial Toolkit
Making the Connection

Want to get in touch with Mitch? Reach out to him through LinkedIn.

You can also get in touch with the Actuarial Club of Indianapolis through the Actuarial Club of Indianapolis Linked in Group or by mail:
Actuarial Club of Indianapolis
P.O. Box 40173
Indianapolis, IN 46240
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