Explore the Difference of Insurance and Consulting Entry-Level Work (Max Feldman)

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Max Feldman is currently working as a Property and Casualty pricing actuary, focusing on Marine and Energy risks for a global insurer. Before joining the Insurance industry, Max worked in retirement consulting for two professional services consulting firms. Max graduated from The University of Pennsylvania where he studied Economics and Actuarial Mathematics. While in school, Max worked part time for a green energy startup company.


Vision of Success:

“When in danger or in doubt, thrown your hands up scream and shout!”-Unknown

“Hit home runs all the time.”-Unnamed Senior Consultant

Listen closely to see how Max approaches these humorous and serious quotes on the job – things are always what they seem!

Inspiration to become an actuary

Family friend shows Max how actuaries solve interesting problems…like calculating terrorism risk.

Greatest Actuarial Success:

Max shares how getting his first internship put him on the fast track for success.

Resource for the Actuarial Journey:

Reach out to your network – even those that aren’t actuaries – and get guidance. Don’t be bashful – just go for it!

Making the Connection:

Max Feldman on LinkedIn

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