Interview Flow for the Actuarial Journey

Thank you very much for agreeing to have a discussion with me regarding your actuarial journey.

Before we embark, I wanted to share some of the questions and helpful tips that will not only keep our conversation relevant, entertaining, and concise but also easy to digest for the viewers.

I will call you via Skype at the appointed time: Skype: ProSocialLearning. This will be an audio-only interview.

Download Full Interview Flow PDF – Questions and Logistics FAQ

[section title=”Interview Questions for Featured Guests”]

    1. Help us get to know you personally and professionally
    2. Please share a quote/mantra you live by and how it’s helped you.
    3. Walk us through your Professional Journey:
      • Questions include: how did you get started, share how you overcame a major professional roadblock/challenge, and share pinnacle, proud moment for you. Please share a specific story for each.
    4. What Trend/Development about your line of works currently excites you
    5. 2 or 3 Questions about your area of expertise (to be decided prior to interview)
    6. Quick Fire Questions – 1-3 sentence responses
      • What is one habit that you practice that has led to your success?
      • What is the one business skill that has been critical to your success?
      • What is one thing you do to maintain a balance between work and life?
      • What advice would you have for someone currently applying for a job as an actuary? (optional)
      • What is one piece of advice that you would give to any listener currently taking exams? (optional)
      • Is there an online resource (website, app, etc.) you would recommend to our listeners for their professional toolkit?
      • What is one book that you recommend for Journeyers to aid them on their actuarial journey?
    7. “Roadmap to Success” (please prepare response):
      • Imagine you created the “Roadmap to Success” guide book where every Journeyer who followed it achieved professional and personal success within the next 20 years. What would be the most important chapter and what actionable steps would it include?
    8. Give us one parting thought and let us know how we can reach you.


Recording: By participating in the Actuarial Journey interview, you agree to allow ProSocial Learning to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow ProSocial Learning to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.