How Living in the Present Can Shape Your Actuarial Journey (Lauren Aronson)

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Lauren Aronson graduated from Union College in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and from Boston University in 2006 with a Masters in Actuarial Science. Since graduating she has worked as a pension consultant over the past 7 years for two large firms and has obtained her credentials as an ASA.

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Guiding Quote to Success

“Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

Inspiration to Become an Actuary

Lauren started her journey as a Philosophy major, and applied the logical thinking and reasoning to math to pursue her actuarial career.

Roadblock on the Journey

Lauren shares how entering the actuarial work force without prior professional work experience (e.g. no internship and no excel experience) provided a roadblock for the Philosophy major… Listen in to how she was able to overcome those barriers to obtain her ASA!

Greatest Professional Success

Participating in a client meeting just months after starting her job – and not just as a fly on the wall. Lauren shares some great insight on how you can capitalize on your client meetings even if you’re new to the role!

Stellar Exam Strategy

Just keep trying and don’t get defeated! If it’s important to you, don’t let it go, even if you haven’t passed an exam!

Landing an Actuarial Job

Keep your confidence up throughout your interview! Even if you don’t know the answer!

Making the Connection

Want to get in touch with Lauren? She’s on LinkedIn and invites you to connect!

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