Leveraging your prior experiences to prepare for an actuarial career (Nick Fox)

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Nick Fox received his undergraduate degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 2005, majoring in actuarial science and finance. He has worked with pension plans of all shapes and sizes, consulting with companies and sole practitioners to design, implement, fund, and strategically optimize their retirement benefit programs.


Vision of Success

Check out this great sample FLOWCHART that Nick uses to prioritize tasks.

Inspiration to Become an Actuary

Having the chance to use math skills in a marketable and useful way…and the freedom to pursue his hobbies.

Greatest Actuarial Success

Taking advantage of the small size of his company to add value through developing systems and tools.

Most Impactful College Activity

Nick shares how being involved in performing arts equips him for the challenges he faces on the job.

Stellar Exam Strategy

The forum at Actuarial Outpost (www.actuarialoutpost.com) is your friend.

Landing an Actuarial Job

First things first – Do your research! But don’t be afraid to let your personality show!

Making the Connection

Nick Fox on LinkedIn

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