Nemo shares all – Lessons learned from building Actuarial Journey

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This Episode’s Roadmap


Building Actuarial Journey has had many parallels to my actual exam experience.

Given that connection, and since I like to keep things real with you Journeyers, in this episode, I share some of the lessons that I’ve learned from working on Actuarial Journey and working with you Journeyers.

It’s definitely a raw look into this experience – Journey on!

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Nemo shares all - Lessons learned from building Actuarial Journey[/one_third_last]

Destination of Today’s Journey

After this episode, you’ll be able to:

Compass: Guiding Quote for Success

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them .” – Galileo – Physicist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, and philosopher

Milestones: Highlights of the session
  • 5 Biggest Lessons from Building Actuarial Journey
    1. The Importance of Community
    2. Setting Goals + Start & End times is Crucial
    3. Prepping for Actuarial Exams has prepared me for much more than exams
    4. Staying motivated is STILL hard – but you can use techniques and strategies to move forward anyway
    5. Biggest lesson of all – It’s hard work…but its SO WORTH IT!
Toolkit: Useful Resources
Want more help with your journey?
  1. Create a study plan you’ll actually stick to!: This free video series will show you the step-by-step process to create you own Personalized Study Roadmap and design your Study Lifestyle
  2. Actuarial Job Course: a completely free full-length course with videos, worksheets, tools, and community all geared to help your get your entry-level actuarial job and start your actuarial career.
  3. Actuarial Journey Podcast: Get more insights and lessons learned 4 days a week sent directly to your phone!
  4. Actuarial Community: Feeling alone on your journey? Become a part of the Actuarial Journey Community!
  5. Time-Saving Exam Smartcuts Guide: Free downloadable guide sharing exam strategies that are not only focused on shaving off study hours, but saving you months and years of studying all together
The Journey Continues – What was your biggest takeaway from this episode

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