Passing Actuarial Exams While Working – Establish, Communicate, and Deliver your Study Brand

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This Episode’s Roadmap


Passing exams while working can be difficult, but it’s also one of the most consistent realities of pursuing your actuarial credentials.
Whether your Actuarial Journey takes you down the path of Life, Health, Pension, Property and Casualty (P&C) or Reinsurance actuary, being able to maximize your study days and the actuarial study program your company offers is a key component to getting through the exams quickly and achieving your work/life balance.
Even if you’re not working as an actuary yet, this episode is full of insight that you can use to get the space, respect, and support you deserve while studying from others in your life. Let’s do this!


Passing Actuarial Exams While Working While Working - Establish, Communicate, and Deliver your Study Brand[/one_third_last]

Destination of Today’s Journey

After this episode, you’ll be able to:

Compass: Guiding Quote for Success

“Live your live like others WON’T, so you can live your life like others CAN’T!”

Milestones: Highlights of the session
  • You are in the Business of You and you have a Brand that you carry forth
  • Study Brand is the perception your friends / family/ coworkers, etc, have about your studying.
  • Establish, Communicate, and Deliver your study brand if you’re looking to have a better work life balance.
Toolkit: Useful Resources
Want more help with your journey?
  1. Create a study plan you’ll actually stick to!: This free video series will show you the step-by-step process to create you own Personalized Study Roadmap and design your Study Lifestyle
  2. Actuarial Job Course: a completely free full-length course with videos, worksheets, tools, and community all geared to help your get your entry-level actuarial job and start your actuarial career.
  3. Actuarial Journey Podcast: Get more insights and lessons learned 4 days a week sent directly to your phone!
  4. Actuarial Community: Feeling alone on your journey? Become a part of the Actuarial Journey Community!
  5. Time-Saving Exam Smartcuts Guide: Free downloadable guide sharing exam strategies that are not only focused on shaving off study hours, but saving you months and years of studying all together
The Journey Continues – What was your biggest takeaway from this episode

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