Studying While Working

When you’re in school, be it college or grad school, or even studying for your actuarial exams, you’re likely also trying to work and earn a living as well. Work, along with other activities in your life, such as spending time with friends and family, or your hobbies, can take up a lot of your time. And granted, it’s natural to want to do well at our jobs. We want to excel and shine at what we do. But how to do this while studying? [Read More…]

Five Methods of Dealing with Overwhelm

We all experience overwhelm in our lives. Whether it’s several things happening at once and we’re caught off guard, or we end up letting certain thoughts run rampant, that feeling of “Oh my gosh, there’s too much to deal with!” can be pretty powerful sometimes. But there are five specific things you can do to ease that feeling of overwhelm and get yourself back to being fully operational. [Read More…]

Build Unshakable Confidence For Exam Day

We’re all familiar with the classic test day horror story. The story about the person that spends three hundred hours studying, enters the test room nervously to take the exam, encounters a question they can’t answer, and freezes up. They let one question sabotage the entire test. The only thing you need is hard work, discipline, and direction. [Read More…]

3 Crucial Studying Tips To Nail A Multiple Choice Exam

Along your actuarial journey, there’s no doubt that you’re going to come across many multiple choice exams. When studying for these exams, most people tend to use an ineffective and unstructured approach. You will learn about unconventional yet extremely effective studying strategies for multiple choice exams . [Read More…]

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals For Your Effective Study Plan

If you say, “I’m going to do a lot of problems,” okay, fine. But how many is a lot? Are you aiming for 10? 30? 50? 100? You get the idea.You want the winning approach instead: SMART goals. But what are SMART Goals? Learning what they are and how to apply them is the destination for today. [Read More…]

Three Reasons Why You Should Take More Study Breaks

Have you ever had those times where you said, “I’m going to study for X amount of hours,” and you head to the library to try and make good on that self-promise? But then you find that after about an hour, your brain feels like mush, and a quick ten-minute trip over to for a few cat memes turns into two hours, or a five minute YouTube break turns into three hours of binge-watching videos from all the channels you subscribe to. Apart from all those guilty feelings, there are three specific reasons why more studying for extended lengths of time is not necessarily better, and this lesson outlines those reasons. [Read More…]

Start With You in Mind: Step 1 in Personalized Studying

Two of the main reasons why studying often goes by the wayside are time and motivation—especially with all the other stuff that goes on in our lives. These are the two roadblocks you have faced, or will face, as an aspiring actuary, but you are not alone in this. This lesson, however, will help you get a focus on why you might be having trouble studying when you say you’re going to.[Read More…]