Why Doing It the Easy Way is Often the Best Way for your Actuarial Career

Have you found yourself working really hard at something, only to find that even with your best efforts, you still didn’t accomplish the full extent of what you were looking for? This often comes up during the job search where Journeyers find themselves feeling passed over for job opportunities or during exam studying when Journeyers see others getting better results with less studying.
What if the reason that you’d not seeing the results you want is because you’re working too hard?. Better yet, what if you go do things the easy way and spend less time, effort, and money to get better results. [Read more…]
Why Doing it the easy way is often the best way

58: Accountability Check-in (Taking Action on Actuarial Journey Learnings)

This episode focuses on the ACCOUNTABILITY portion of Actuarial Journey’s mission of providing Guidance, Support, and Accountability to aspiring actuaries.My question for you: Are you putting what you’re learning here into action? Find out how you act on more of what you learn during today’s episode [Read more…]
58: Accountability Check-in

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44: 3 Principles of Effective Communication for Aspiring Actuaries

Getting across the message you wish to get across is both easy to do, and not easy to do. Especially when it comes to numbers, people (business colleagues and friends alike) seem to contract a curious case of the “MEGO”s – My Eyes Glaze Over. Thankfully, there are many tools and mindset considerations available to help prevent these symptoms from presenting.[Read more…]
44 - 3 Key Principles to Effective Communication

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